Collinor Mobile is the ideal complement to the Collinor desktop Timesheet application. Team members that are often travelling can manage their personal tasks from anywhere very easy.
    Collinor Mobile enables project staff to recognize their respective working hours and anticipated remaining efforts. Due to the intrinsic timetable, any employee is capable of extracting information relating to type and timing of tasks to be performed. Within the timesheet module, any given project employee may view his respective schedule, register worked time, recognize expected efforts outstanding and anticipated completion date and is able to forward notifications to the project leader. Certainly, it is also realizable to review detailed information relating to any work package (i.e. start, completion, planned effort, current actual effort, remaining effort,). In addition to project effort feedback, line activities are measurable in a rather meticulous manner and vacations are reportable.
    You must have Collinor Release 6.2.12 installed to use Collinor Mobile.
    * Assembly of project specific tasks for which a certain resource or its respective department is responsible
    * Recognition of actual hours per work package and day
    * Registration of actual hours regarding line activities
    * Activity feedback such as vacations based on arbitrarily definable time intervals
    * TTC notification (time-to-complete) by employee as a means of approximating the required remaining effort
    * Notification regarding inferred completion date per work package
    * Work package completion message
    * Send messages/ comments to the project leader

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