AFS M-Banking




    The AFS Mobile is a state-of-the-art application to deliver mobile banking services to AFS cardholders.
    Some of the services available are:

    1.      Balances Inquiry (List of Cards): This service will provide the customer with the ability to view his cards. Furthermore, through this service the customer can navigate to any of the available card services described below.
    2.      Mini Statement: Provides details of the billed transactions. The pertinent details of all transactions are available.   
    3.      Activate Card: Use this service to activate an inactive card.
    4.      De-Activate Card: Use this service to de-active a card that is currently active.   
    5.      Block Card: Use this service to permanently block lost or stolen cards.
    6.      Money Transfer (Between Credit Cards of subscribed users, and other cards): Transfer funds between your own accounts or accounts belonging to family & friends having account in the same bank.
    7.      Manage Beneficiaries: Maintain a list of beneficiaries to whom you regularly send funds via Money Transfer service.
    8.      Mobile Top-up Purchasing (using Credit Card funds): Top-up your prepaid Mobile account using your credit cards.
    9.      Mobile Top-up using Loyalty Points: Top-up your prepaid Mobile account using the loyalty points earned on your credit cards.
    10.   Change Mobile App Password: Change the login password for the AFS Mobile application.
    11.   View mobile top-up History: View the history with details of the various Mobile top-ups carried out.
    12.   View Fund Transfer History:  View the history with details of the various fund transfers carried out.
    13.   Contact Us: An information page for the bank to provide contact information. Branch opening times, locations etc.
    14.   Demo and Help: A guide on the various features of the application.