Ophthalmology in Dogs (Free Version)




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    Learning tool for professionals and students belonging to the veterinary ophthalmology field. This APP for mobile / tablet devices consists of a 3D anatomic atlas which it is possible to interact with, allowing the rotation, zoom or isolation of the different systems and components the canine eye is composed by.

    For a better comprehension of how this organ works, the application also offers an interactive game in order to show how some of the eye components function, such as the pupil dilation and contraction according to the environmental light exposure.

    Moreover, it includes a step-by-step tutorial on the Hotz-Celsus surgical procedure for entropion.


    * 3D hyper-realistic representation of the canine visual system.
    * Detailed information of every part and system that compose the eye of the dog.
    * Capability of isolating or focusing each component of the eye for a better visualization and analysis.
    * 3D schematic diagram (sagittal view) of the palpebral part of the eye.
    * Interactive game to comprehend how the pupil works.
    * Tutorial on the Hotz-Celsus procedure for the entropion surgery.