VR Bike Real World Racing




    This is new hot racing addition to vr games in vr racing category.

    This game is a virtual reality view game
    Interface and navigation are optimized for VR gameplay.

    You just have your steering wheel to avoid accident in the motor traffic...

    You dream to drive fast or very fast on the highway?
    You like VR Traffic bike racer
    VR Bike is for you !

    In VR Bike, you need to have lightning reflexes.

    For every mission an objective to be affected and a motionless speed. Its not classic ride freely

    Traffic racing. Its more interesting VR Racing game.
    More you evolve in the missions more your car is powerful and so the speed is more and more important.
    5 VR game mode :
    Distance Mode: Driving in divided highway for completing distance
    Bomb Mode: Don’t let speed come down or the bomb will explode.
    Highspeed Mode: Drive on high speed and let the time streak increase.

    Two Way Traffic: Drive in upcoming traffic lane.

    Total 30 Missions across 5 Highway of World including

    London real highway,

    India Tajmahal view highway.

    Dubai desert highway.

    Brazil Rio view jungle highway.

    FPS camera of vr bike allow you to look 360 view and Optimized VR Control and graphics makes you feel Real Bike VR game experience second to none.
    Set and cars in 3D.
    The camera is positioned in sight internal to have the best feeling of speed.

    Use your lightning reflexes to avoid crash!

    GAMEPAD (All sort of gamepads are supported).

    Accelerometer(If don’t have game pad you can still play the game with head tilt)

    In Head tilt control look up and down to control speed and brake while left and right to turn the bike.

    Gyro Scope to look 360 View of highway game environment

    Basic UI is in 3D and is shown on bike dashboard.

    Artificial Intelligent Traffic:

    Traffic Cars are also fun part of this vr racing game, they dodge you, challenge you, slows down to tease you, They are perfectly integrated with super Artificial intelligent algorithms, So drive carefully its not a just a normal traffic racer game. Its about real racing stuff.

    --> 3D realistic cars and 3D environments
    Trucks, Bus, Van, SUV, Police car, Taxi, sports cars
    are added in traffic.

    China the great view highway is added.
    --> In this game, show who's the driving boss on the asphalt !

    Get the experience of VR Traffic Bike Racer like as professional stunts driver