Field Central Field App




    The FieldCentral Mobile App is a companion to FieldCentral that makes it easy for lawn care businesses to send visit information to their crews, track their employees’ daily progress, and capture parts and material usage.

    With the FieldCentral Field App, lawn maintenance crews can:
    View their schedule and customers for the day.
    View key customer information like site notes, security notes, a work history or any special needs for that customer.
    Time in and out of jobs, shop time, drive time and lunch, simplifying time tracking
    Mark visits as complete and incomplete and indicate what work was completed during each customer visit.
    Enter any materials or parts used
    The FieldCentral Field App makes it easy for your lawn maintenance crews to get the job done, delivering customer and visit information at the touch of a button. Plus, it helps you take control of your business, delivering the information you need to analyze crew productivity, track your day-to-day work and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.