Bibles -(KJV, NIV, NRSV, RSV, ASV, NASV for Study)

    Bibles -(KJV, NIV, NRSV, RSV, ASV, NASV for Study) icon

    Bibles -(KJV, NIV, NRSV, RSV, ASV, NASV for Study)

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    FULL Audio Bible: Listen offline. Set Verse / Chapter / Book repeat play.

    16 Bibles for study, listen, or just plain reading; translations from the traditional King James Bible (KJV) audiobook to the contemporary NIV & ASV & RSV &NASV & NRSV & Chinese Bibles.

    It includes Daily Audio Bible, Interlinear Bible, Search, Favorite, Note, Highlight, Sharing Verses, listen on the train, at the airport, in the car. Wherever you go, the Bible goes with you, believes that God’s words must reach everyone easily, quickly , clearly and freely.

    ◎ The Complete (KJV, NIV, ASV,RSV,NRSV, NASV) and Chinese Bibles your iOS Device
    ◎ Set Verse / Chapter / Book repeat play
    ◎ Fully functional even offline
    ◎ Bookmarking, highlighting,noting,and other features

    High Quality Voice:
    ◎ English Bible Audio Support (Female, Male),can switch to play
    ◎ Chinese Bible Audio Support: Female Mandarin
    ◎ CUV, KJV, NIV, ASV, RSV, Chinese/English Bilingual Bible

    ◎Offline Bible Study
    Works offline. Read, Listen, Study,notes, highlights and all of the app features offline,it doesn't need to connect to the internet.

    ◎Daily Audio Bible a year
    Daily Audio Bible is committed to helping Christian’s get into a daily rhythm with the Bible and prayer
    - Read and Listen Daily Bible every day
    - To receive Daily Bible Reading every morning
    - Share Daily Bible via Facebook,Twitter,SMS,Email,Save to Picture,Print,or Copy in just a tap。

    ◎Study Bible
    - Search and find verses quickly and easily
    - Bookmark your favorite verses for quick retrieval later or to save stopping points.
    - Highlight: Use the highlight feature to make highlights in different colors. Then easily access them in the Highlights tab.
    - Notes function allows input of individual notes/commentary for any verse of the Bible.
    - History:shows previously viewed passages for easy navigation without losing your place.
    - Repeat playback of Verses or Chapters.
    - Quick Jump: You can also quickly read from your last stop.
    - Daily Bible a year: Get the daily Bible verse each day

    ◎ Interlinear Bible
    Chinese English Bible Interlinear:KJV/NIV, KJV/RSV, KJV/KJV - Chinese Bibles

    ◎ Bible Widget
    Get inspired daily with a Daily Bible Verse of Day widget

    ◎Share God's holy words
    Instantly share the Bible with your friends from inside the app. Share your favorite Bible verses with friends easily through Twitter, Facebook, Email, Wechat, Convert Text to Image and Save To Photo or Print God's holy words.

    Light or Night theme for easier reading.

    - KJV - King James Version
    - NIV - New International Version
    - ASV - American Standard Version
    - NASV - New American Standard Version
    - RSV - Revised Standard Version
    - NRSV - New Revised Standard Version
    And much more...

    - CUV - Chinese Union Version (Simplified / Traditional )
    - CNV - Chinese New Version
    - LZZ - Lu Zhen Zhong Bible Translation
    - TCB - Today's Chinese Version
    - CLB - The Chinese Living Bible

    - Custom set

    English,German,Korean,Portuguese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese,Spanish