Ova is a service for monitoring and collecting information. It is used to collect, save and view measurements and entries. Ova is a perfect solution for HACCP in food industry. Ova service can be used for collecting and following different kinds of measurement data in pharmaceutics and laboratories, industry, real estate and construction industries and in environment and research.

    Ova mobile application is used by users of Ova service for sample measurements (temperature, surface hygiene), tasks and notes. It can also be used for browsing and acknowledging alarms and for viewing measurements results. Ova application works seamlessly with Ovaport, as all the measurements and entries made with Ova application are stored automatically to Ovaport. For using Ova mobile application, a user account to Ova service is needed.

    Ova mobile application has three main features: Tasks, Alarms and Status.

    Tasks shows all tasks which are defined in Ovaport. Task can be timed tasks or general tasks. By using tasks, it can be ensured that tasks are done on time and the needed entries of the completed tasks are saved. Sample measurements are done with Ovasense Neo sensor and Ovahygi Neo luminometer, which are using Bluetooth to connect with the Ova application. It is possible to include additional information to all measurements and entries by reading bar codes and by typing in the needed information.

    In addition, measurements and entries can be done with separate measurement and notes features whenever needed.

    Alarms view is used to view alarms and to acknowledge those easily.

    Status view is the place to view measurement results and entries. Measurements are shown in graphs in a selected time scale. Exceptions are shown clearly and it’s also easy to acknowledge alarms related to exceptions.