Vibo Messenger




    Collect and send 3D Augmented Reality Messengers back and forth with your friends and family. Take pics of your Messengers in the real world and post them on social media or share them with your friends.

    The Vibo Messenger app allows you to:

    • Register as a Vibo user
    • Invite friends into Vibo
    • Send messages via Messengers to your friends
    • Choose from dozens of categories and hundreds of Messengers
    • Customize your Messengers by giving them different skins and different animations
    • Collect your own Messengers from special Messenger “Spawning” opportunities and Vibo partners.
    • Purchase Premium Messengers with Vibo Coins and Vibo Bucks.
    • Easily collect Vibo Coins just by using the app and sending messages.
    • Purchase Vibo Coins and Vibo Bucks as in-app purchases.

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Before you download this app, please consider that the app supports sharing on social media and registration to allow sending of messages to friends. The app also uses the devices camera, push notifications to notify you of messages and Messenger and feature updates.

    This is an English language app with limited features available in local languages. Future versions may include integration with regional social sites.

    Copyright 2018, Ready, Set … Promo! Patent Pending