The Pro-Inspector is a mobile inspection app. It is more than an ERP that completely automates your inspection process. Be it Construction inspection, Elevator inspections, Food inspections, Franchisee inspections, Gas Inspections, Insurance Inspections, Public Safety & Security inspections, mandatory Government inspections and a lot more.
    Pro-Inspector provides end-to-end solutions to the entire audit life cycle, from managing workforce to completing the audit.
    Pro-Inspector eases your Planning, Scheduling, Pre-inspection checks, Inspections, Remote Approvals, Instant Certification, Invoice Printing, follow up with corrective actions, Integration with existing ERP etc.
    Some key benefits and features of Pro-Inspector
    •Inspections are completely automated
    •High quality in inspections
    •Inspections are paperless
    •Less Administrative work – Reduced by almost 60%
    •Increase in productivity
    •Reduction in operational cost
    •Mobile – Do inspections with your mobile gadgets
    •Capture photographs and data evidence on the go – audio/video/photo
    •Generate instant reports and certificates
    •Easy access to historic data
    •Geo fencing and Geo mapping
    •Customer Portal for easy24/7acess to certificates and inspection reports
    It really does not matter to which industry vertical you belong to or what type of inspections you conduct, if you use paper checklists or multiple software for different inspections, it is time to change to Pro-Inspector.