QuickPlay eCoach




    eCOACH delivers Pro standard football coaching on your phone, PC or tablet. Compatible with QUICKPLAYS’s range of SPOT rebounders, eCOACH give you training drills with detailed video coaching. The coaching looks at all aspects of a players game and includes drills for Individual and team with drills on passing, shooting, control, dribbling, volleys and free kicks The APP give set targets for each training drill taking you through the levels from Beginner to Player to PRO.

    Professional Standard Video Coaching

    eCOACH gives practice drills with high quality video coaching so a player can see in supper slow mo the correct technique of a professional player. This is design to build a players techniques for first and give them a easy drill they can practice at home.

    Individual and Team Training Drills
    eCOACH offers over 30 training drills looking at all aspects of a players game. Its has been developed with a range of drills designed for a coach to be used in team training as well as a range of drills that support a players individual development.
    Team training drills
    Individual control drills
    Individual pass and shoot drills
    Individual dribbling drills
    Individual volleys drills
    Individual Free kicks drills
    A coach or parent can identify areas of a players game they need to work and the app is structured in a way that allows them to easily fine the drill that will help them practice the skill and give. The detail video coaching also shows the play the correct technique to use.

    Training with the SPOT Rebounder

    The eCOACH is design to work with our range of spot rebounders with the pattened “soft pass system”. Unlike other rebounders the SPOT range loops the ball back to the play taking a lot of the pace of the ball. This give the player time to move in order to play the ball back into the rebounder. Also the system will pass the ball back into the center if you pass the ball in from an angle unlike other rebounders. The eCOACH app has been design for the SPOT Elite rebounder but also work well with the SPOT 8x5’ 7x7’ and Combo.