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    Sleep is invaluable, but more often than not we are unable to get enough sleep, and even when we do get enough sleep, our sleep is not efficient.

    Picture this: You wake up in a daze, somewhat remembering half a dream as you walk groggily to your toilet; to wake yourself up, you splash some water on your face. You silently mutter to yourself about wanting to get more sleep, and you spend the entire day being less productive as you are usually, and in a sour mood. When you get home, your work still (somehow) piles up, whether its household chores or overtime work that your boss assigned to you. It’s 1 a.m. once you’re done with your work, and you realise that you won’t be getting enough sleep again tomorrow.

    The cycle repeats and day by day, you gradually feel more and more exhausted, and life becomes mentally unbearable.

    Do you identify with the scenario above?

    If that relates to you even remotely, I would recommend you to use my App to rest well.

    So what does the app do?

    Through playing certain frequencies over the speakers or earphones that are harmonic to the body, the person using this app will have more efficient sleep.

    The app entails 3 sets of frequencies, 2 sets of frequencies that help the user get much required efficient sleep, and a set of frequencies that helps with DNA rejuvenation in the body. The frequencies are differentiated into 3 categories of effectiveness, namely Medium, High and Very High.

    The frequencies range around 9.5k to 11k Hertz for Medium, 14k to 15k Hertz for High, and 16-20k Hertz for Very High.

    The average person can hear up to around 15k Hertz, so please do not despair when you cannot hear the frequencies for the ‘Very High’ frequency setting.

    Warning: Just because you cannot hear a frequency does not mean that you cannot be affected by it, therefore please do take care to never put the sounds on full volume over the earphones.

    Before using this app, please do remember to:

    1. Set the volume over speakers or earphones to around 30% first
    2. Click on any Medium tone to test your comfortability with the sounds
    3. Once comfortable, adjust the volume
    4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Turn on Airplane mode *Very Important!*
    5. Turn off screen and go to bed.

    Then you will wake up feeling refreshed! This difference can be felt after just 1 night of using this app. Best results are seen when earphones are attached.

    Scientific explanation

    There is a strong correlation between the frequencies that are harmonic to the human body and the rejuvenation of energy levels within the human body. The higher the frequency, the better the person will wake up feeling, simply because the body is more recharged by a higher frequency sine wave.