Learn ABC – Calligraphy




    "With this alphabet coloring book game, learn ABC letters, practice handwriting worksheets, color drawings of animals, objects, numbers etc. and improve your vocabulary.
    Learn ABC – Calligraphy is a wonderful game to practice handwriting, calligraphy and to learn alphabet letters with worksheets. If you are not fully familiar with alphabet letters, you can play alphabet game to learn letters correctly. Trace the lines or connect the dots. This is a great alphabet game for users who need still to learn ABC letters and need to practice in handwriting. Color each worksheet page with drawings of animals, objects, fruit etc. and learn new vocabulary.
    A quick and easy way to learn handwriting;
    • Choose a letter to practice
    • Practice writing capital letters and small letters (uppercase and lowercase letters)
    • Connect the dots and improve your eye-hand coordination
    • Learn vocabulary and color the drawings
    ABC learning games are also perfect for brain training with its educational background. Besides contributing to the development of vocabulary and memory, it also helps to improve motor and coordination skills. Based on the world famous Montessori learning method, our application allows you to learn how to write capital letters and small letters while learning new vocabulary and enjoying our coloring book activity. Learning letters has never been fun before! With these alphabet games, you will enjoy every moment!
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