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    "Everybody has a smartphone, and there’s an entire world inside each one - School finally has a place in that world. We put their school at their fingertips so they’ll never miss a thing."- URiNDi APPS Founder

    Students Benefits:
    •Teacher Contacts
    •Extracurricular Activities
    •Student Accolades
    •College Tabs
    Athletics (game and practice times)

    A school app for students is a way to stay engaged and on top of things. Children spend 6-8 hours of each weekday in school. Needless to say, a lot takes place during that time. Keeping up with class assignments, Athletics (game and practice times), extracurricular activities, and grades can be a lot to handle. URiNDi provides students with an extra "safety net" to help ensure nothing’s lost or missed through each eight-hour day. URiNDi is also dedicated to sending more kids to college by raising interest. College and career tabs help students keep up with deadlines, resources, internships, etc.

    Staff will benefit greatly from their school app created by URiNDi. Our apps allow staff to send push messages to announce school events and update specific groups or individuals of in-school matters. Detention lists can be posted to be viewed by all students, staff, and parents.Teachers can post “bulletin boards” with accessible information regarding classes and assignments. Rely less on paper fliers, and loudspeaker announcements, that may or may not be seen or heard. Existing parent portals can be embedded into your school app.

    URiNDi is designed with entire school networks in mind, we’ve always been determined to remove the buffer that exists between school and parents. So our approach was transparency. Your child is at school for 6-8 hours of the day – it’s imperative parents be kept as much in the loop as possible. Your school app allows parents to view their students’ grades, detention lists; report attendance; and receive announcements of school events and times, plus more. Parents can also check assignment due dates to be more hands-on with students’ schoolwork. ‘Student Accolades’ can be viewed by proud parents, too!

    A school app built by URiNDi opens new, reliable lines of connectivity between the people within a school’s network. A tool that engages entire school communities making them more cohesive, thus making them better. It’s your entire school in a mobile app.