Pirate Kings Slot




    Pirate Kings Slots is an interesting and fascinating virtual simulation slots machine game. Other than the Pirate Bay and Treasure adventure theme, two other themes - Easter Celebration and Chinese New Year (CNY) are complimentary in this game. Best of all, you can play this game for Free! Anytime & Anywhere! You can have endless fun and joys in playing the slot machines and there are more themes to come.

    Features of Pirate Kings Slot:
    * free download
    * FREE BONUS token $100,000 to start your game
    * NO registration is required
    * Nice & Fun Characters and Theme
    * Complimentary with two more themes (Easter theme + Chinese New Year theme)
    * FREE regular updates with new themes
    * Free EXTRA Spins and Bonuses
    * Flexible bet in multiple of virtual $100
    * Play up to 20 lines
    * Allow maximum bet of $60,000 by just a single touch button
    * Win a lot more often than other slot game
    * It offers in-apps purchase of credits from as low as $0.99 for 25,000 chips

    Pirate Kings Slot(formerly known as Chinese New Year Slots 新年发财机)is free to play, fun to play, and easy to win! The game offered in-app purchase, however, it is less likely you will need it because you will WIN BIG (believe it). Yet, if you wish to purchase more virtual coins, just by a few touches on in-app purchase button and the credits could instantly update into your pool. The game is linked with Facebook that allow you to share the scores, game play and winning with your friends and family and it will have access to your information through such services.

    You may play Pirate Kings Slot anytime, anywhere even when you are offline. Although the some features require internet connection, you still can enjoy the game even when you are not connected. Try your luck today!

    Download Pirate Kings Slot now while it is still free and win the unlimited fortune and lucks.

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