ABC Kids Fun Puzzle & Quiz Game




    ABC Kids Fun Puzzle & Quiz Game is an education game for toddlers kids and parent. The main objective of this puzzle and quiz game is to create a fun and learning environment with sound effect for toddlers and kids to learn together with their parent(s).

    There are different scenes in this ABC Kids Fun Puzzle & Quiz Game game which is specially designed for the children to identify the ABC object and drag it to the right place just like in a match game. Its graphics are made up of letter, word and are cute in design. This game is most suitable to parent(s) to play with their children as a learning tool as part of preschool educational.

    How to play the ABC Kids Fun Puzzle & Quiz Game:-
    ● Identify the cute object on the bottom right corner
    ● Look for the shaded shape that can match the cute designed object.
    ● Drag the object to the right shape and release.
    ● Repeat similar move until all the objects are placed to the right place & you'll heard applause/hurrays for your accomplishment!

    Key Features of ABC Kids Fun Puzzle & Quiz Game
    ● playing toys, shape, items for kids that can be found at home, garden, beach and etc
    ● Items may make up of alphabet, numbers, fruits, toys, daily use items
    ● shapes, color, movement
    ● more levels will be release from time-to-time to suit your child's brain development

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