Nearby Locator : India




    Nearby Locator : India is a handy mobile app and personal reliable tracker for any location. It is an essential mobile app that finds a location with this handy tracker in your pocket. Even for my memory I may forget the exact location where a seldom visit friend lives. It is a very user friendly app that helps my own tracking of location I looked for. Just click on the predetermined list menu page or key in the a search term such as a place in the finder auto search box on top of the menu page. And click the search icon to see the result.

    Use as a predetermined location with this Finder
    Nearby Locator : India gives the flexibility to find a location with a fast tracker mode for the predetermined place of interest listed below :-

    - Temple
    - Institute
    - Restaurent
    - Train
    - Petrol Station
    - Bank
    - Church
    - Hospital
    - Post Office
    - Hotel
    - Police Station
    - Food
    - WU
    - Groceries
    - Garage
    - Saloon
    - Cafe
    - Attraction
    - Mall
    - Cinema
    - Airport
    - Bus
    - Taxi
    - Currency
    - Electronic
    - Entertainment
    - Agencies
    - Ferry
    - Historical

    Use as a Auto Location Self-Made Finder
    You wanted a location of a place or amenities are not listed ? No worry, Nearby Locator : India is also my favourite location search finder as well as for an unknown place tracker. This extra feature provides almost unlimited option to find a location with this tracker for the followings list and beyond :-
    - tourist spots / Place of Interest
    - Telco / Mobile Number Sim Card / Prepaid Mobile Card
    - Transportation like LRT / MRT / Monorail / Subway / Bullet Train
    - Transporter like Taxi / Bus
    - Restaurant, Cafe, Bistro
    - Fast Food Outlets
    - Local Food Court, Kopitiam, Coffee Shop
    - Accommodation such as 5 star hotel, budget hotel, family hotel etc
    - Shopping Malls
    - Departmental Stores like
    - Hypermarket
    - Convenient Store
    - Locate a building if you know the name
    - Locate a Gym or Fitness Center
    - Any many others of your choice

    Use to find mobile owner location with this tracker.
    This Nearby Locator : India can perform a auto search with a mobile number of their phone and find out the owner registered location with this tracker. Yes, you can do a search with a telephone mobile number and the address. With this mobile number it will be track and the phone registered location and display it in the result page. Then click on the displayed location address to get into google map for a direction.

    How does Nearby Locator : India works?

    - You can use the ready menu for a fast track location finder
    - Otherwise, do a search with your keyword in the location finder box and press the search button. Your intended search term will be displayed
    - Browser through the list of items displayed, click on it to see the location
    - A google map will appear once you have pressed the desired item
    - Read the google map for exact location near you. Click on the direction icon if you need a direction to go to the desired place nearby
    - You can look out for the cell phone number and the address
    - Use as an auto devices as a generic finder.

    The build in GPS function is a auto Tracker itself and it will initialise a location function such as Google Map and other locator tools install on your smartphone.
    Nearby Locator : India is a completely free for your mobile device. Download it now while it is still free.