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    Investment Calculator for Australian Property.

    Buying property can be a complicated process and it is not always easy to be certain you are making the right decision. Negative gearing of an investment property has been used by thousands of Australians to secure their financial future. If you want to pursue this strategy yourself, you need to be sure you understand all the costs, and the potential benefits.

    Make use of our set of calculators and references to help you through the process. Enter the details of the property and your financial situation, we can show you what you can expect.

    All data remains on your device, nothing is uploaded to our servers. We will merely present you with advertising offers we think you might find useful.

    Inside you will find:
    1) A Home Loan Calculator
    2) A Negative Gearing Calculator
    3) Stamp Duty Calculator
    4) Land Tax Calculator

    Links for
    1) Current Interest Rates
    2) Foreign Exchange Rates
    3) Recent Auction Results