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    Welcome to Unpublished Space, the private social network without media.

    Host your own private rooms or be a Guest in rooms hosted by your Trusted Connections. Keep up to date with your closest friends and family by posting and reading Profile Status Updates.

    Every USpace user you are connected to can be verified with an email address you can verify in real life. If you're not connected, your profile is invisible to anyone on, or off, the platform.

    Share useful personal contact information you won't share on publishing platforms like phone numbers, professional work developments, and profile links for popular online platforms, knowing the only people who can see your information are people you trust.

    One to one messaging is built right into the app. Stay in contact with your closest people in a single place. Share web links in messages and in room discussion posts.

    Say goodbye to random tags, trolls, mobs, stalkers, facial recognition, drive by comments, propaganda mills, profile targeting, cookie tracking, app tracking, browser spying, and profile data mining.

    And if you thought of some other intrusive technology we didn't list, we probably don't have that either.

    Also missing? All algorithm filters and advertisements. We filter none of your conversations for you, and within your personal conversations you will find no advertising.

    Say goodbye to so much you'll never miss. Say hello to encryption, privacy, and an online social life without editing your thoughts for the masses.

    Be your real self among trusted friends and colleagues in a contemporary digital format without resorting to phone calls, lengthy text chats or confusing email threads.

    Safely travel and share your honest thoughts without threat of a break in from an unknown stranger or attack from an outrage mob. Develop business ideas and new creative projects secure in the knowledge your thoughts aren't being watched.

    There is so much you won't miss when all that is left is direct, uninterrupted, private communication with the people who matter most in your life.

    Reclaim your content and online life for yourself on Unpublished Space.

    USpace is the native mobile app that gives users the fastest, most responsive access to the Unpublished Space platform. The app also provides the best data security for users.

    Coming this Fall 2018, users will also be able to access Unpublished.Space, the web-based portal to the same Unpublished Space platform, from the browser of any computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Your purchase of USpace directly supports company operations including funding for fast servers, new platform features, responsive customer support services, and the expansion of service to all parts of the world where USpace and Unpublished.Space are permitted.

    Let your conversations go deeper with the people you know best on a modern, encrypted communications platform with a contemporary design.

    Thank you for using USpace, where our space is your space, and your personal life is "Private by Default."

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