Use Best Handyman to find the highest rated tradesmen in your area. Open the app, find the person you would like to use in your area and contact him directly using the information from the app. The app gives you the freedom to deal directly with your Handyman. You will be able to negotiate the price of your job with him – we do also offer guidelines on recommended prices to give you an indication of what your job should cost so that you don’t get ripped off. However we will never take a commission on the job to be done, the price is 100% between you and the Handyman. Best Handyman keeps a copy of all our listed artisan’s personal information.
    Best Handyman strives to help the people of South Africa not only to find more jobs but also to better them through our artisan training program. As soon as a handyman starts to show a promising future, we will send him off to an artisan school to get a formal qualification in his trade. We are serious about the development of South Africa and as a result we will also be giving tools and resources to the tradesmen who perform best on our app, to help make it easier for them to achieve success.