Monsters and robots to paint - coloring book




    App free for a limited time! Take advantage and download it now!

    With this application you can paint the most terrifying and fantastics monsters and robots in the world, we have over 40 monsters and robots for coloring and drawing.

    You can print these monsters and robots to your room is much more beautiful and cute!

    If you want to make a gift of their daughter or son to a family better than a painting by sending your son or daughter drawing!
    And also serves as a gift for friends!

    Using this application is as simple as:

    -selects want to paint monsters and robots among all there.
    -he paints with your finger on the picture of the monsters and robots.
    -you can choose a color from among all there is to the right.
    -you can use gum if you're wrong or you want to delete something (or paint
    of white).
    -you can click the undo button to remove the last thing you painted.
    -you can press the button to start painting paper drawing from scratch.
    -you can press the button choice of color and choose the color you want.
    -you can share the picture with friends.

    This application is designed for children of all ages, from 2 to 5 years older, smaller ... Painting monsters and robots is so easy that any child or adult can play. Here drawings easy to paint and coloring monsters and robots and other nicer and worked, that will make your child improve his skills meet.

    Remember, use this app to paint ago to improve the ability of your child to draw and color, and the ability of hand movement when drawing and writing. Improved coordination of our sons and daughters.

    Your children can enhance their creativity by painting pictures, or making doodles and scribbled on them, like sketches.

    It is a highly recommended application for the development of our children, and what better than with drawings and images that they love them.

    Our drawings are always the most beautiful and the most beautiful of which exist in any application.

    You can share your pictures with your friends and your family through any social network, and thus see how well our child grows.

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