Aron Smart




    What is Aron Smart?

    Aron Smart is a WiFi control app that allows you to set up and control different Aron Smart devices:
    - Lighting
    - Sockets with power meter
    - Power switches
    - Cameras with motion and sound sensors

    What can I do with Aron Smart?

    Here are some examples of what can you do with this application:
    - Turn on/off your lights, sockets and switches
    - Adjust the lamp brightness, colour temperature, RGB colour
    - Group similar devices to control multiple in one go
    - Schedule a device/group to turn on/off at a specific time
    - Set an automation that turns on the lights at sunset
    - Set an automation that turns on a regular heater connected to a Smart socket when the temperature falls below 5°C
    - Watch live the image captured by the camera
    - Receive a notification and a screenshot everytime the Smart camera’s motion sensor is triggered
    - Receive a notification everytime the Smart camera’s sound sensor is triggered
    - Watch the video stream recorded by the camera in a past date and save it to your phone.
    - Monitor the power consumption statistics of your Smart sockets.

    About Aron Light

    Aron Led Light assumes itself in this market as a distributor of LED lighting with presence in warehouses and stores of electrical material and lighting. We have a strong and loyal network of suppliers and customers who work on our brand every day for the success of this joint project.

    It is our goal to make a relevant contribution to our Planet by promoting the use of efficient LED lighting, capable of reducing up to 90% the domestic and commercial energy consumption.

    Find out more about Aron Light and the Aron Smart App at