Say2B - loyalty and relationship for local businesses and their customers!

    You can create tasks for a local business, for example, "I want to buy your great coffee on my way to work, but the cafe opens too late. Please, shift your open hours to 7 am". Other clients can vote for the task. Business can offer a solution, thank you for this idea and give a gift. Anyone can rate this solution. So business rating depends on how they treat their clients.

    - Write your task directly to business and mark it as an idea, issue, question or just write about your experience and rate it.
    - Get reply from business that solves your problem and rate it.
    - Get coins and awesome gifts for the best ideas or as an apology.
    - Vote for other users' tasks if you find them valuable.

    You can also:
    - Decide who can see your task - only business or any user.
    - Hide your identity when you post a task. Your task will still be marked as verified, if you provide some evidence of your interaction with them.
    - Rate you experience to help understand your contentment.
    - Take part in tasks' discussions.

    Find businesses that really love their customers:
    - Huge company database
    - Honest company ratings. Our antifraud mechanism ensures that tasks or reviews were written by users, who really experienced service with a company.

    All loyalty programs in your pocket
    - Store loyalty cards in our app.

    Gifts, Coins & Discounts
    - Earn rewards. Get presents from business for awesome ideas or as an apology.
    - Gifts on special dates or occasions. On your birthday or other company events, you can also be rewarded.
    - Without mess. All gifts are grouped by brands.

    No fraud - true posts & ratings:
    We are the first service who truly solved fraud problem. With filters, you choose which posts & ratings will be displayed - all or only those coming from users, verified in a particular location/company. Customers can verify themselves using one of the six available methods. Verification evidence is seen by business reps and our moderators only.

    - SELFIE : Just make a selfie inside the place.
    - RECEIPT : Take a photo of your receipt.
    - OTHER PHOTO EVIDENCE : For example, you can attach a photo of your contract.
    - CHECK-IN
    - BUSINESS CHECK-IN : Business can check-in you by scanning your screen with your personal QR-code.
    - LOYALTY CARD : Business can check this card against their database to weed out fake cards.

    Understand all your customers' needs
    - You can navigate fast through tasks, analyze statistics to understand how your business is doing.
    - Client experience rating
    See how your clients rate their experience and how happy they are with your business.

    Personalized messages to selected customers groups or prospects to get new clients & engage existing clients (coming soon)
    - Create a message template to congratulate or give news, using variables {firstname} and {lastname} : "Dear {firstname}, Hello! ..."
    - Attach a gift or discount to reward new or existing customers.
    - Set target audience by geo-location, interest, demographic profile and other options.
    - Set repeat rules for automatization every day, week, month....

    Forget about loyalty cards, but it's ok, if your clients already have them - we can add all your clients and their loyalty cards to Say2B database
    - Your clients can store their loyalty cards in Say2B app.
    - You can identify you clients at POS without loyalty cards by scanning client QR-code or entering client id, email or phone number.

    Free, simple and ready from box reward program
    - Create gift template
    Just choose type (coins, gift or discount), add gift photo, if you wish, and set valid period.
    - Give gifts for tasks, events or just for fun to thank customers for great ideas or apologize for a negative experience. To remember about your clients' birthdays is also very important.
    - Write-off gifts in one tap.