Paint App - Drawing and Sketch for Children




    If you like to draw on the screen of your phone or tablet, this application to draw, paint or color pictures with your fingers on the screen, will interest you. A drawing table for painting and drawing on a watercolor background.
    Draw everything you can think of with this drawing desk or blackboard to draw, take notes or write down the ideas as a post it.

    Drawing Board for kids is easy to use fun app for kids to paint their imaginations on a virtual canvas. Functional Drawing pad for kids is simple and intuitive, allowing you to start drawing immediately after installation.

    For example: Coloring and Drawing unicorns, horses and pony for kids. Unicorns, pony and fairy tale horses coloring, painting and drawing game for baby or kids.

    Coloring pages book for kids is a game full of unicorns, horses and little ponies and is not designed only for your 3-5 years old girls but your son as well. Color the coloring pages of unicorns, horses and little ponies on your phone or tablet in this virtual coloring and painting book. It is so easy that even toddler can play. This coloring game is a kids game where children can color and draw unicorns coloring pages, but they can also draw horses and their own drawing and painting.

    - brush, full color, colored pencil, eraser and a magnifying glass
    - Unicorn colouring pages has possibility of storing images which your child drew straight to the phone's Gallery
    - Little pony colouring book contains beautiful colors to color unicorns and horses
    - Colouring book unicorns and horses is a very nice family game
    - NEW feature “Share your art” to share your drawing in Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, Whats App, Pinterest, google plus, Twitter, via e-mail and other social applications.
    - One of the best & most popular free coloring book for kids in casual games category.
    - Free game

    Your children can paint, draw, doodle and color unicorns, horses and ponies whenever they want to. Doodling, coloring, painting and drawing horses was never so easy and funny. Let your kids be creative ale let them draw their own horse, little pony , unicorn or any other fairy tale creature. By downloading this free game for kids with many pictures of unicorns and fairy tale horses which can be drawn, painted, colored or doodle.