Custom Tunes




    Custom Tunes is your customizable music player.
    You can pick what gestures, remote settings, visuals, and what the app does when it starts. Custom Tunes responds to your taste.

    Assign the gestures that work for you. Make it look how you want it. Make it start how you want it. With over 20 options, you will fall in love with your music all over again!

    10 available gestures to customize:
    - Single Tap
    - Double Tap
    - Swipe Left
    - Swipe Right
    - Swipe Up
    - Swipe Down
    - Two Touch Swipe Left
    - Two Touch Swipe Right
    - Two Touch Swipe Up
    - Two Touch Swipe Down

    6 available remote settings to customize:
    - Play/Pause
    - Seek Forward
    - Seek Back
    - Next Track
    - Previous Track
    - Shake

    Customizable settings for gestures and remote settings:
    - Play/Pause
    - Next Track
    - Previous Track
    - Shuffle
    - None

    Visual settings:
    - Display a gradient
    - Glass text
    - Dark
    - Light
    - Extra Light

    Startup settings:
    - Start playing music (shuffled or not)
    - Show playing song on start
    -Starting screen
    - Songs
    - Artists
    - Playlists
    - Start on a specific playlist or artist

    To customize the gesture and remote settings, the in app purchase is required ($0.99).

    About Custom Tunes:
    I made this app because I wanted a music player that I could customize. I wanted a player that would start playing immediately when it was launched. I wanted an app that would allow me to make it look different when I got bored. Custom Tunes is the answer to all of this.

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