My Pretend Hotel Vacation




    Are you ready for Summer break!? Are you wanting to spend your Summer in a luxurious hotel with a rooftop pool, gift shop, clothing store and boutique, & luxurious penthouse suite with your family and friends? Have you been looking forward to Summer Vacation?

    Then you will LOVE My Pretend Hotel - Kids Luxury Summer Vacation & Holiday Family & Friends Life!

    Enjoy the good life with Pretend Hotel - Kids Luxury Summer Vacation and spend it inside a 5 star luxury resort & Waterpark Resort!

    Check in at the lobby, and play with several items including a phone, fish tank, bellhop cart, luggage, and more!

    Go to the elevator, and pick a floor! Head to the suite, and check out all the luxury furnishings, king size bed, and incredible hotel views!

    Go to the rooftop pool, hang with your friends, & listen to some amazing music!

    Check out the boutique, gardens, restaurant buffet style menu, and more!

    Check out Waterpark, and play in a Waterslide playground & Theme Park around Swimming and Water Sports!

    This is Luxury Hotel Resort play all wrapped up into one bundle!

    My Pretend Hotel is this Summer's best vacation & holiday resort! Enjoy this game all Summer long!!

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