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    Bellhop is the best rideshare comparison tool. Our free app gives you access to Uber and Lyft, as well as Curb, Arro and other rideshare providers on one single platform. Simply compare pricing or wait times across all the leading rideshares in one app, select the best ride and then book. It's that simple!

    Bellhop helps you compare pricing and save money on every ride you take. Bellhop users get access to more drivers than any other app and save 20% on average per ride.

    Whenever you need to travel in a rideshare Bellhop is the answer. Bellhop lets you compare pricing between Uber and Lyft, Curb and Arro (including the major Taxis) with many more on the way. So whether you want to get a taxi to the airport or an Uber and Lyft, start every journey with Bellhop, your indispensable rideshare tool.

    If you’ve ever encountered no cars available, surge pricing, having to wait too long to be picked up or are just curious whether you’re simply overpaying for every ride, you need to give Bellhop a try. Even if you're used to just taking Cabs, you can now hail a cab ride with Bellhop as well.

    Bellhop is the best app to help you travel from A to B so you can now reach your destination quicker and more cheaply. With our easy to use app you can:

    Across all the major rideshares all within the same app for the first time. Enter your pickup and destination and Bellhop does the rest! The app is super easy to use too - just like your regular ride sharing app you may be used to.

    Bellhop shows you the rideshare cars available from all the major companies, different car types, prices and pick up estimates all on one screen. We make traveling so much easier!

    Save Money:
    Bellhop is the best rideshare comparison tool available. It’s impossible to switch between apps and compare - Bellhop does it all for you and helps you select the cheapest ride, the quickest pickup or other criteria you want.

    Bellhop lets you seamlessly book your ride too.

    Bellhop is the best free to use price comparison tool that fully integrates the major ride shares. We don’t charge our users a fee either - you pay exactly the same price as you would using the service directly, except you benefit from being able to compare and save on every ride.

    Even if you don’t use Uber, Lyft, Via or Curb on a regular basis, Bellhop can still help you save. Journeys to and from the airport can differ by over $40 if you don’t compare.

    Bellhop is also perfect for your company / employees to save thousands of dollars on ride shares too. Now you can ensure you or your employees always take the cheapest / quickest ride options available to make your company more efficient.

    Although launched in New York, Bellhop works in hundreds of cities across America including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, Boston, Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, San Diego and pretty much everywhere else! Bellhop also works globally too and we are constantly adding in new providers.

    Visit for more information or to sign up for our email where you will receive updates on new partners incorporated within the app.

    We’ve had tens of thousands of rides taken using the Bellhop app already and we can’t wait for you to start using it.

    So next time you travel give Bellhop a try and start every journey with bellhop. Compare pricing and save on every ride. Why reach for your regular rideshare app when you can use Bellhop and save money.

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