MetaWell, your personal expert of healthy fat loss, can comprehensively analyze and build data, and help you to lose weight in a healthy and rapid way.
    MetaWell is a mobile phone application that focuses on helping users become slim and lose fat. It makes customized slimming plans for users according to their body, and comprehensively analyzes body data to help users lose weight healthily and rapidly.
    MetaWell can be easily connected to the Qinghua Tongfang body fat scale, measure the detailed data and display at the same time.It takes only 10 seconds for it to tell you all kinds of parameters of your body including weight, body fat rate, BMI, physical age, body condition index, basal metabolic rate, protein, water, muscle, skeletal muscle, sclerotin, fat, visceral fat, and body weight level. MetaWell helps you to know yourself better.

    Functions and features of MetaWell:

    Health report: Automatically generate health reports, quickly understand the basic health status and healthy weight range.

    Fat loss plan: Make customized slimming plans freely, analyze weight changing data and statistics time in order to help users to lose weight fast healthily.

    Professional Data: Automatically synchronize with the Qinghua Tongfang body fat scale, immediately provide a number of health indicators of the human body, and give advises in aspects of sports, nutrition, lifestyle etc..

    Track and Instruction: Automatically generate weight records, support wireless history data storage, and conducting perfect health data tracking and instructions.

    With its sophisticated function, MetaWell helps you to lose fat fast in a healthy and scientific way.