Boneless Remote Control




    The remote control of your barbecue, with the Boneless App, you can control your barbecue from your phone, receive smart alerts, and track all of your food probe data to know the temperature of your food.

    The Boneless App allows users to do the following from any mobile device:

    • Start and stop the barbecue.
    • Manage different cooking modes (Smoke, Smoke+ and Turbo).
    • Cook in Recipe mode, preselecting their food and level of doneness.
    • Check the temperature of the grill and the food probes.
    • Set alarms to notify when the food reaches the selected temperature.
    • Receive notifications from the grill.

    App Features

    • Read current temperature of grill and temperature for the food probes in real time.
    • Control the operating time of cooking.
    • Utilities for the user as a chronometer and a timer.
    • Configure system settings such as measuring unit and temperature unit.
    • Innovative and modern user interface.
    • Social access with Facebook and Twitter
    • Frequently asked questions about Boneless App.

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