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    [about music interval teacher].
    * this is a music software for all students who want to learn music and have music dreams!
    * it provide music interval practice for beginners.

    [function introduction]
    * staff interval identification: according to the position of the interval mark on the position of staff, quickly find the corresponding interval name, to help you quickly master the position of all intervals
    * music interval construction: According to the name of the interval provided by the system, the corresponding position on the five line spectrum can be quickly corresponded, and you can quickly improve your familiarity with the interval
    * Interval keyboard identification: according to the keyboard keys randomly designated on the piano keyboard, quickly find the two keys directly corresponding to the interval relationship, help to quickly improve your keyboard interval recognition ability of two.
    * Interval ear training: two tones are played at random, and the interval names corresponding to the two tones are quickly recognized. Practice more, learning piano is not difficult
    * staff support: supports the common practice of each soprano clef, bass stave flat position exercises
    * built-in difficulty selection: built in all common signature selection, or choice, according to different key signatures, lifting, setting different difficulty score.
    * built-in and sound course, melodic interval exercises, so that you are thoroughly familiar with interval pronunciation.
    More built-in function development: join us quickly, let us accompany you to go through music learning these days ~!

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