Map 4 Meet :

    Map 4 Meet is really an easy way to invite your friends for a get together , to plan an event or meeting on a particular location using iPhone or iPad.This app tracks user’s current location and sends the invitation from the current location to the invitee through email.After the verification of email ,user can proceed with or without login ,using Google Plus or Facebook.This app can be used for personal as well as for Business purposes.

    After the verification process , you will get a confirmation ID .This confirmation ID lets you authorize for Map 4 Meet.

    Map 4 Meet also allows you to create an event for a group of persons.Just provide the recipient’s email and send the invitation
    Provide email ID of the persons in the group and every group member will be notified via an email immediately about the details of the meeting.You can also choose friend’s email from your contacts.

    The invitee can view the invitation easily using a web enabled device,without any need of special hardware.The invitation can be easily send through the social networking service ,Facebook or Google Plus.

    Map 4 Meet allows you to share your current location with anyone using an email.It also provides you the option of saving the meeting location .Just click on that location in the map view and you will be presented with the complete details of that place.

    When the invitation has been sent ,the recipient receive a message sent by you informing them about the timings and location of meeting.Then they can also view the meeting location in map view.That location is highlighted with a marker on the map view.

    In case you are not able to find the required location in the map view,you can use the search location option provided by Map 4 Meet.Enter the name of the location in the search field and get it on the map.

    Features :
    Easy to use due to automatically manageable received and send mail lists
    Create event for a group of persons
    Send invitation via email
    Live because of Sharing current location option
    Option of saving selected Location on map
    With a data connection you can use it anywhere
    No app required to view the invitation received by the invitee
    Search for a particular location on map
    Send invitation to a group of persons
    Free for iPhone, iPad