Hurry App - Be on time




    Hurry App is your personal assitant that will help you to always be on time.

    You can add your favorite places.
    You can scroll the screen to see how lond will the trip take. It is very convinient, because now you do not need to build several routes in a navigation app in order to understand when you should leave.

    You can add your future trips.
    Hurry App will notify you, what time you need to leave in order to be on time.

    For each trip, you can choose a departure place.
    Hurry App can give you more precise information when you need to leave.

    You can receive notifications "Time to leave".
    It often happens, that you did not notice how the time flew, and you are already late. Now you can be confident that it will not happen, because Hurry App will notify you that it is time to leave.

    With one click you can open a navigation app.
    For each place and trip there is a special button with which you can open any route in a favorite application and begin the trip.

    If you still did not press a "dowload" button, you can read the reviews from you friends and other people:

    'This is somethins unreal and cool, now I will never be late for my courses at univesity.. Unless, I planned to be late :)'- Leonid, a student on a 3rd year of college, a developer's friend.

    "The app is amazing,finally I can forget about constant checking on traffic in my favorite navigation app and just wait for the notification from the Hurry App"- developer's dad.

    "I use Hurry App every day, adding a trip for my boyfriend in Hurry App and I know what time he will be at dinner" - developer's girlfriend.