GizmoSmart Cam




    GizmoSmart Cam by GizmoLife

    Most of the surveillance solutions available today are reactive and are used only after the event has happened.

    GizmoSmart Cam offers cloud-based surveillance solution: a user friendly and simple system that helps you manage your cameras & footage from the cloud, and pro-actively lets you know when something is up.

    With GizmoSmart Cam you can keep an eye on all things that matter. The solution comes with Camera and various Cloud storage subscription plans. The system is very easy to use. Simply plug the camera to power and network, install the app on your device and you are done! You can manage cameras and view footage on your computer, smartphone and tablet, and use our application to receive push-notifications and emails if an object, motion, sound or heat is detected by your cameras. It's that simple.

    * Watch the live streams of your cameras
    * Watch recorded footage
    * Receive push notifications when your camera detects objects, motion, sound or heat
    * Manage your cameras angle and zoom in & out
    * Store snapshots on your device