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    We connect travel hackers with ordinary people. Use the app to chat with Travel Hacking whizzes and unlock all the secrets you need to plan an upgraded, luxe and inexpensive trip.

    We specialise in booking flights for frequent flyer miles. Whether you have points from Amex, Avios, SAS Eurobonus, Miles & More or anything else - just let our travel hackers know where you want to go and we'll get you sorted.

    Nothing could be more simple. Open the app and send us a message, we respond within minutes and let you know what is required to crack your case.

    Reviews (Average rating 4.8 out of 5):
    • "Great service and good at finding points travel I didn't manage to book despite being kind of an expert myself. Looking forward to Singapore Airlines First Class on the A380, thanks!" - Martin Björnström *****
    • "Helped me find a long-haul flight in Business when I couldn't find any. Worth every penny! " - Fredrik Malmgren *****
    • "Super smooth!" Michael Starck *****
    • "Absolutely excellent service, saved lots of time not having to search and call the airlines booking services. Highly recommended! Reasonably priced. Chatflights found an amazing route and great booking class for me. " Jan Videren *****

    • Fast, simple login. Enter name, age, etc. once and never again.
    • Smooth payment - credit card (icl Amex), invoice, Klarna account or bank transfer.
    • Reservation details found in the app.
    • Booking fees are listed on our website, see

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