Eswari Cards




    Established in the year 1966 we are pioneers in making the dream of your perfect wedding into a reality with our wedding cards.

    Founded by a great visionary Mr.Pachapalanadar, it was run as a trading company till the year of 1980. It had a lot of highs now and then and on January 15, 1980 the first German machine polygraph was bought. On July 15,1984 the first Chinese double colour machine was bought. Our other technology assets include Mitsubishi 4 colour import from japan, Mitsubishi part colour CPC, Computer Cutter ITOTEC ROBOCUT. Our speciality is we manufacture our own inks for printing. With a sound client base in the south especially in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka

    India stands out as an example for Unity in diversity and we abide by the same. We have cards that will suit the needs of Hindu Weddings, Muslim Weddings, Christian Weddings, Sikh Weddings and classic Indian Wedding cards. But we have something in common – Quality. Our cards are a class apart and only the best of the best are featured in our stores.

    We have a strong team employed to do a single special thing- Think. Wedding Invitations never become a thing of the past and we make sure with our vivid imagination and creativity our wedding cards are tailor- made for the knot between two special people. With a firm belief in the famous saying “First Impression is the best Impression “we will perfectly take care of your special wedding’s first impression to be as wonderful as you.

    Our online catalogue stands as a testimony to our expertise in the arena and with over 45 years of experience we have grown with time in revolutionizing the whole concept of Wedding invitations.

    We have been around, we are around and we will be around for making your wedding cards do the magic for you.