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    A high performance instrument tuner app for use by amateurs to professionals is here!
    Get the great feeling of tuning through casual operation of the simple UI.
    Recommended for people using all manner of instruments!

    <Feature Introduction>
    ■Basic Features
    - Chromatic Tuner
    - Needle Style Meter
    - An Original Ring Tuner
    - Cent Display
    - Frequency Display
    - Calibration Adjustment Feature
    - Volume Meter
    - Transposition Feature (Transpose/Capo)
    - Mic Sensitivity Adjustment Feature
    - Pitch Pipe Feature
    - String Instrument Tuner Mode
    - Change between Sharp/Flat display
    - Change the ring oscillation direction
    - Temperament Change Feature(Keynote configuration possible)

    - Precision at 0.1 cent and above
    - Possible measurement range
     When using the built-in iPhone mic: B0~E6(limited by iPhone mic performance)
     When demonstrating maximum performance (※1): C0~B7

    ■Configurable Temperaments
    - Equal Temperament
    - Pythagorean Temperament
    - Just Intonation (Major)
    - Just Intonation (Minor)
    - 1/4 Comma Meantone Temperament
    - Kirnberger Third Method
    - Werkmeister First Technique Third Method

    ■Required Environment
    iOS 8 or above is required.
    Target Devices: iPhone4S/5/5S/5C/6/6S/6plus/6S-plus,Fifth generation iPod touch or later

     (※1) It is not possible to exert this app’s maximum performance using the iPhone built-in mic.
        To exert maximum performance, please use a specialized mic device that is connectable through the mic port.
        This product cannot be used with specialized mic devices that are connected through a Lightening port.

    If the app won’t load, there is a defect, or some other inconvenience, please contact us through support on the official homepage,, or through Twitter/Facebook.