Conbriotto:discover fine music




    Press the search button at the bottom after launching the app. Enter the artist you like "Sukimaswitch" in the search box. Hit discover search. Recommended songs for people who like Sukimaswitch are displayed. If there is no song you like, for example, "Cobb Kuro" and press it to the right because there is a magnifying glass button that is displayed.... It can also be found in a new list (^^)/

    To discover new music of your favorite bands and artists
    Search is this.

    Mylist is registration to enjoy your favorite music you can save it as a favorite list.

    you to search the anime list separately from the 1990s.

    How to save each video list to swipe left, you can register and easily.

    How to remove a tab to display the list mylist swipe, you can easily delete on the right.

    After one hour of off timer - the ability to automatically stop.

    It is an app that leads you to encounter music that becomes energized with AI