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    FIG fighting to keep up? Want to make your own emoticons? Come and download it and make this flame on!
    Made plans to provide you with vast amounts of magic mapping material, Jinguan Chang? no problem! Funny face? no problem! More support for you to add your own picture material to make unlimited wonderful!
    1. Support picture material layer style to add support material mirror-reversed, scaling, rotation, superimposed unlimited Funny ~
    2. Support add custom text, support different text size, color, font, Variety Funny from your master ~
    3. Support add custom Funny Graffiti, supports a variety of colors, brush thickness, painted a one ingenuity ~
    4. Support picture cropping, you want to set aside part of the concentrated essence is ~
    5. Support share to the major platforms, show your face masterpiece ~
    6. Support 3D Touch, according to press hard to try wonderful ~
    You also need what other features? If you have any suggestions or feedback, please email: