IU - Interpreting assistant




    -ABOUT IU-
    [The limit of language is no longer the limits of the world, because of IU, I can talk to you in your language, we are officially in a world without language barriers. The world and you are just an” IU “away. ]

    The world is smaller for us since there are more ways to break language barrier.
    Thanks to the latest technology, we not only make the breakthrough but also open the vision to the future.
    We proudly present a smart gadget which will help you to translate between languages easier. Our design allows users to speak different languages but still clearly understand each other. Press one button, when one person speaks, the other hears it in their selected language.
    No matter where you are from, communicate to foreigners now will be an enjoyment.
    The world and you are just an “IU” away, it is the perfect timing to plan a journey with “IU”. Let’s go now.

    1. The world’s smallest instant bidirectional translating device. Break the language barriers and find out a new way for cross-language communication.
    2. Bluetooth v4.0 wireless technology standard built-in
    3. Friendly user interface design, easy to use
    4. Long press button I to receive the voice from your side, release the button and get the translation. Long press button U to receive the voice from the other side, release the button and get the translation.
    5. Press button I and U together for to select the languages to translate.
    6. Users can submit the better translation to optimize the data base.
    7. Support music play and phone answering
    8. Offline translation will be available in 2018
    9. Support 20 languages and more to be updated. Arabic/ Cantonese/ChineseTrad./Danish/English/French/German/Greek/Hindi/Indonesian/Italian/Japanese/Korean/Portuguese/ Russian/Spanish/Swedish/Thai/Turkish/Vietnamese
    10. Support iOS 10 or above