CoachID Connect




    COACH ID CONNECT is a revolutionary app from the COACH ID group that allows you to establish a useful and exclusive relationship between the technical staff and players.
    This relationship is established mainly at four levels:
    - Call: The player will receive notifications about when he will have training session, time, place and day, as well as if he was called for a game;
    - Training Load Registration: Immediately after each training session or game, the player will receive a notification to classify the intensity of the training / game in his COACH ID CONNECT app. Through the RPE (perceived training load), the coach understands, in an intuitive and quick way, the impact of the exercises developed on each of his athletes
    - Readiness Status: Response to a "Wellness" questionnaire regarding the state of readiness felt by the athlete on the day after the last practice / game. Extremely important functionality for the coach to have the perception of the mental and physiological availability of their players to the next training session or competition;
    - Exclusive chat that allows communication between coaches and players.
    How it works? Once the coach creates the player's profile in his COACH ID app, the player is automatically notified by email to install the COACH ID CONNECT app.
    COACH ID CONNECT an innovative concept, extremely useful for the work of the technical teams that will bring the principle of individualization to another level.

    - Smartphone (COACH ID CONNECT application)

    Available Languages:
    - English
    - Portuguese

    Come inside to the COACH ID world!
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