Offline Igbo to English Language Dictionary




    The following dictionary with a huge glossary is a bilingual app that is customized to make learning foreign languages more fun and interesting for you.
    It should be pointed out at once that this Igbo to English Translator Dictionary is authorized for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So, if you are an Apple user and you find studying or expanding your either English or Igbo languages, then this app is definitely what you need to have in your devices.
    Among the features of the above mentioned dictionary are
    Offering you a window of opportunity to save unlimited number of unknown words in a section called “Favorites”.
    Suggesting you to find the dictionary meaning of an unknown word faster than in any other online dictionary. All you need is to start typing the word and our application will instantly display the most likely results.
    Showing the structural relationships in a foreign language and the grammatical functions of words by bringing example sentences with each word you are searching.
    Offering a history of unknown words and you can go back and find the words you searched in the latest future.
    Providing a possibility of detecting any kind of text from an image and providing our users with an adequate translation of the text. Moreover, you can have any text on the screen and with one click have it read out loud by the help of our audio pronunciation feature.

    Discovering the translation variants of English words and phrases, as well as finding word definitions.
    Deepening your understanding of verb conjugations, spelling, pronunciation as well as word formations and the origins of words.
    Giving you a wide variety of synonyms and antonyms by offering you vary many synonym variants of our dictionary entries.
    Download this breathtakingly good dictionary application on your technical equipment and you will be positively surprised by its advantages and by the impact it will have on your studying process.
    Do not miss the opportunity of having this app and using it with greatest enjoyment.