Spanish Grammar: explanations + 342 exercises




    Do you have problems with the past tense in Spanish? Are you not sure when to use “ser” or “estar”? Does the subjunctive drive you crazy? Do you get confused between “por” and “para”?

    Well, don’t worry, because this application will help to answer all your queries, to help you to master Spanish grammar.

    Gramática Española offers you 342 exercises for practicing and learning Spanish at the levels of beginner (A1), elementary (A2) and intermediate (B1).

    As well as the exercises, we also provide you with explanations to clear up any doubts and queries you might have and to help you answer the exercises correctly.

    The application will measure your progress, so you can see which areas you’re improving in, and where you need to do more work. Also, you can do the exercises as many times as you want, and wherever you want. No subscriptions required, offering you complete freedom.

    The exercises are organised into grammar subjects and levels, and will help you to improve your grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

    If you’re preparing for the DELE exams, the application will help you to gain in confidence and improve your Spanish, to help you do well in your exam.

    We at Difusión have over 25 years of experience in creating materials for teaching and learning Spanish as a foreign language, and with this application we’re going to help you to improve your Spanish!

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