Speak Japanese language




    Speak Japanese app with more than 2000 words in 55 categories like Food, Clothes, Numbers, Travel, Emergency, Health etc. is here to support you in Japanese Language Learning. Our visual senses help us recall things easily, so this Learn Japanese app is full of word images and audios for SMART learning. To be more interactive, this Learn Japanese app contains different types of games.

    Main Features:

    • Games - These interactive games prove that learning a new language is not difficult.
    • Learn with Pictures - Since we can memorize images better than written words, this app has got the perfect Learn With Pictures feature.
    • Switch Lingo - With 5 languages to choose from, learn to Speak Japanese from your language.
    • Quick List - A list for a quick access for all those terms which you might use frequently.
    • TurboPlay - Listen to all the words and its translation.
    • EduBank - A safe deposit of your learnings for quick reference in future.
    • Contribute - If you think something’s amiss or wrong, contribute it!

    Easy to navigate, simple to find words and fun to learn from. Install SMART Speak Japanese today!