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    Tides PRO is a beautiful tide prediction app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch that helps you know up-to-the-minute facts about the predicted tide height in the United States, Canada, Atlantic, Pacific coasts and all over the world. Get high and low tide times, tide charts, tide tables for over 17000 of ports, harbors and coastal locations.

    Designed with lots of passion & love:

    * The application includes 4 modes: Tide graphs, Tide tables, Tide maps and unique "Tide watch" interface that provides all tide information at a glance
    * Tides PRO optimized for modern iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch devices to provide HD graphics, animations and video effects

    Tide graph:

    * Interactive graph shows tide predictions, current time, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset times
    * Swipe left and right to get tide predictions with up to the minute accuracy for the next few days
    * Tap on "Calendar" to open calendar and get tidal predictions up to the next 365 days
    * Tap on "Now" button to show current time on the graph

    Tide tables:

    * Tide calendar for the next 365 days
    * Highest tides & lowest tides
    * Swipe up and down to see water levels
    * Tap on specific day to show it in Tide graph mode

    Tide watch display:

    * Live tidal clock
    * Count down the number of hours, minutes and seconds to the next High tide or Low tide

    Apple Watch:

    * Apple Watch complications: Modular Large & Small, Graphic Rectangular, Corner & Circular, Circular Small, Extra Large, Utilitarian Small & Large
    * Current water level
    * Today's high tide and low tide times
    * Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset times


    * Provides fast and convenient access to local or international tide stations
    * View Tide stations near you
    * Tap on Tide station to get current water level, high and low tide times
    * Tap on "Star" to add tide station to the list of favorites


    -High and Low tide times for the next 365 days
    -Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset times
    -Solunar charts
    -Current water level
    -Up to minute predictions
    -"Tide watch" interface that provides all tide information at a glance.
    -Min & max water levels displayed in a special designed interactive table
    -Interactive map of tide sites (local and worldwide) that provides information about current level, high tide and low tide times
    -Location can be added by name, by the map or using user's current location

    Supports over 17000 stations in all regions:

    183 Africa
    1155 Asia
    171 Atlantic Islands
    815 Austral-Asia
    205 Caribbean Islands
    34 Cen.America Caribbean
    34 Cen.America Pacific
    508 Europe
    127 Indian Ocean
    57 Mediterranean
    43 Middle East
    4292 North America,Atlantic
    727 North America,Gulf
    2777 North America,Pacific
    196 Northern seas
    341 Pacific Islands
    155 S.America,Atlantic
    52 S.America,Caribbean
    142 S.America,Pacific
    520 South East Asia

    in 150 countries:

    >7000 USA
    1716 Canada
    802 Japan
    422 Australia
    245 New Zealand
    277 Philippines
    108 Brazil
    153 Russia
    58 Kuril Islands
    177 Indonesia
    128 China
    116 Chile
    112 United Kingdom
    80 Mexico
    69 Greenland
    98 France
    74 Germany
    54 Bahamas
    47 India
    47 Vietnam
    52 Netherlands
    34 Italy
    33 Korea
    22 Portugal

    ... the list includes almost all coastal countries around the world.

    Knowledge of tides is an important element of boating safety. Tidal information is essential for navigating a shallow waterway or placing your boat at anchor. The success or failure of a voyage can depend on the height or depth of a tide, while knowledge of current information can save fuel and make passage into a river or channel safer.

    Tides PRO goes further than the tables provided by the NOAA. The app automatically accounts for correction factors and provides instant information without requesting that you account for time lags, daylight savings conventions, or height differences between the reference stations and the locations you are seeking.

    Since the tidal information that is published in this app is not subjected to the use of the voyage, please do not use for navigation.

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