Loka Social




    Want to meet new people while travelling? Download the app and message 1 or more potential friends around you to join you on the next leg of your journey, visit an attraction together or an upcoming event, or just to meet up for a drink and some social contact (share some different cultural experiences/tips)! With the Loka Social app designed to help our customers find like-minded people around them, and its link to the Else Globe travel network, you are never alone! With the app you will also be kept informed with all the latest Loka news and deals.”

    You may only download this Else Globe app upon agreement with our Terms and Conditions as outlined in our End User License Agreement ( ). The most important conditions can be summarised as follows:

    1. There is no tolerance for objectionable content and/or offensive users in Else Globe apps.
    2. Else Globe apps have a “BLOCK” button. When a user finds a person offensive s/he can block that person directly from contacting them ever again.
    3. Else Globe will use Moderators to flag objectionable content and/or offensive users and remove inappropriate content and/or offensive users.
    4. Users can themselves report objectionable content and offensive users to the Else Globe Moderator (
    5. Users in violation of our Terms and Conditions in the EULA and repeat “Blocked” members will be removed from the app (including violators profile(s) and all related content).

    “YES I have read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined in the EULA and would like to download the app”