Puppy Trainer Pro

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    Does my beloved companion dog cause a lot of trouble?
    You do not have to worry about dogs that are causing trouble any more.
    Anytime, anywhere, with this app, I'm a dog trainer. Unlike humans, puppies can be trained through frequency using the hearing of puppies that can be heard over 20 kHz. You can see the behavior of puppies reacting at specific frequencies.
    In addition, to provide training for dogs with sensitive responses to specific situations (doorbell, telephone, and cleaner sounds), we provide sounds appropriate to your situation. Use the sounds to train the dogs.

    [detail of fuction]
    1. Frequency training
    Offers frequencies of 14kHz, 16kHz, 18kHz and 20kHz
    2. Situation-specific training
    Ringtones, phone sounds, clicker sounds, dog bark
    3. Favorite sounds
    Sea sounds, food sounds, toy sounds
    4. Dislikes
    Tiger cry, thunder, scary sound

    [Clicker training method]
    You have to let me know that a good thing happens when you hear the sound of Clicker.
    1. Play the Clicker sound and repeat the snacking action.
    2. Once you get used to it, commands (sit, stand up, etc.) will play a Clicker sound and give you a snack.
    3. Prepare snacks before eating snacks before the Clicker sound is played, and train to eat snacks when playing Clicker sounds.