Three Billy Goats Gruff 3 in 1

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    One fine spring day, three billy goats are let out of their barn to eat fresh grass. They have to cross an old bridge under which lives an ugly wicked troll and prevents anyone from crossing it. Will the goats manage to cross the bridge? What will eventually happen to the troll?

    Favourite Tales is a splendid collection of traditional folk tales from different cultures. This richly illustrated series transports readers into a fantastic world of kings and queens, giants, as well as sorcerers and fairies. Reading these tales written in a clear language while listening to their audio will be an enjoyable experience for all.
    - A trilingual version of almost all the stories
    - Easy switching from one language to another
    - Reading by swiping the pages
    - Easy page selection
    - Automatic and manual listening of the audio
    - Increasing or decreasing the size of the texts
    - 'Read it to me' option, moving automatically to the next page
    - 'Text only' option with highlighting favourite sentences