Aquarium NPK Calculator

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    The application "NPK Calculator" aims to make the calculations necessary to achieve the desired concentrations in our aquarium of the following components

    Nitrates (N)
    Phosphates (P)
    Potassium (K)

    These calculations are based on the use of the following compounds with which we must make 3 different solutions.

    Potassium Nitrate - KNO3 - We will supply Nitrates and Potassium to the aquarium

    Monopotassium Phosphate - KH2PO4 - Pouring Phosphates and Potassium into the Aquarium

    Potassium Sulphate - K2SO4 - Bringing Potassium to the Aquarium

    The recommended proportion of NPK can be chosen when calculating how much we should add from each of the 3 solutions. Or if we only want to add one of the compounds (for example Potassium), we will fill in only this box leaving the others to zero.

    The solutions are advised to be carried out with demineralized water.