BMI Calculator: weight loss




    Do you take care of your health ? Do you exercise ? Do you control your weight? You trying loss weight ?
    This BMI calculator is perfect for you - nice, fast and easy to use !!!

    What is BMI ? - Body Mass Index:
    Body weight divided by the square of height. BMI shows the ratio of weight to height, which does not take into account the individual characteristics, such as muscles.

    If you are not sure, your weight or waist are the correct, use of the app and check.
    Enter your age, height and weight or waist.

    BMI calculator shows you:
    - calculate your BMI,
    - determine that your weight is normal (or indicate underweight, obesity, etc.),
    - indicate the perfect BMI and weight for your age

    Using our app BMI calculator, you can also check out:
    - is your waist perfect ? - indicator waist / height
    - level of body fat,
    - burning calories and energy consumption,

    This app supports various units of measure: imperial and metric.

    Stay fit and healthy !!!