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    PasswordMatic is a fantastic tool to help you secure your online presence.

    Although it is impossible to fully prevent any account to ever get hacked, having strong and unique passwords gives you the best chances to prevent that from happening.

    There are three golden rules to follow if you want your passwords to be a strong line of defense:

    - Your passwords need to be long (15 characters or more for today's computing power)
    - Your passwords need to be complex (Lower/Upper Case, numbers and symbols)
    - Your passwords need to be unique (different password for each online account)

    It is easy to understand why most people do not follow these rules...
    It becomes impossible to remember all those long, complex, unique passwords.

    This issue results in most users having a unique (or maybe two) passwords that they use for every single account.

    PasswordMatic is designed to eliminate this burden by helping you build and use long, complex and unique passwords without having to remember them.

    Using your MASTER password with the website address and the desired length, PasswordMatic creates good passwords for you.

    Neither your MASTER password nor the passwords created by PasswordMatic are stored in the tool nor anywhere but rather they are recalculated every time you need them.

    Simply enter your MASTER password to start PasswordMatic and select the website for the password to be available in your clipboard or shown to you.

    PasswordMatic is simple and fast. Just start the app, enter your MASTER password and create a new favorite website by entering the URL and the desired password length... then save it.

    Next time you need to access the website, simply open the app, enter your MASTER password and select one of the options to open the website (password is copied to the clipboard for you to paste), copy the password to the clipboard OR show you the password on the screen.


    If you ever decide to change your password for any site, simply recreate it with a new length or using a new MASTER password and the password will be completely different from your previous one.

    PasswordMatic is so flexible that multiple people can use the same tool since the passwords are not stored in it but rather calculated every time they are requested by the MASTER password entered when the application is started.

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