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    Engage is a caller identification and VoIP call receiving solution for your smartphone from call protection industry leader, First Orion. First Orion and its flagship call protection app, PrivacyStar, have been prominently featured by trusted news outlets such as:

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    • Enhanced Caller Information displaying who and why legitimate companies are calling you
    • 100% Scam Proof VoIP Calling from those same businesses
    • Protects your Privacy and Helps Stop Scams by identifying legitimate business calls from companies you have given express permission to call you

    Description of Features

    Caller Identification– We partner with verified, legitimate businesses to identify who they are and why they are calling at the time of the call. You will see the business's logo and name as a temporary contact when they call. The app does not grant any business the right to call you and we never share your information with anyone (not even the business who called you). Your contacts never leave your phone and we do not track or collect data on you.

    VoIP Calling– For our business partners making extremely sensitive calls, such as your bank, your credit card company, or your doctor, we provide those businesses with the option of contacting you via the app using VoIP calling, which is 100% secure, spoof-proof, and encrypted.

    PROTECTS PRIVACY– We take privacy seriously. Your contacts are YOUR contacts! Unlike other apps, Engage never shares or sells your personal contact list. Your contact list is only used by the app to aid and enhance your experience with incoming calls on your device.

    SCAM PREVENTION- According to NBC News, over 30 billion scam calls are made a year. Many of those impersonate legitimate businesses. By identifying legitimate businesses you already do business with, we help you avoid scams and ensure you get the calls you want and need.

    ALWAYS FREE– You never pay to receive VoIP calls through the app or to identify calls from partner businesses you've given permission to call. If, for any reason, you no longer want to have those calls identified, you can simply uninstall the app.

    WE DO NOT SHARE OR SELL YOUR INFORMATION TO 3RD PARTIES - By downloading the app, you are NOT giving any business other than First Orion permission to call you. The only calls we will identify as legitimate business calls are those companies you have already given express permission to contact you.

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    *Business Partner Caller Identification and VoIP Calling requires a network connection.

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